Ziplining in Tulum: Best Tours

Recharge your spirit with an exhilarating jaunt into the treetops! Set in the heart of the breathtaking Riviera Maya, Tulum is a vibrant palette of experiences that go far beyond lazy days soaking up the sun on its pristine beaches or diving into its wealth of underwater marvels. Instead, let’s unleash your adventurous spirit and immerse you in some of the best ziplining ventures Tulum has to offer.

Ziplining in Tulum is not just about the thrill of speed or the adrenaline rush. It’s a captivating dance with nature, a journey above the emerald tree canopies, and an exhilarating conclusion with a splash into a sacred cenote. For these unique adventures, Viator is your go-to platform, offering a wide array of ziplining experiences in Tulum. So fasten your harness, put on your helmet, and let’s embark on these enthralling tours!

Best Ziplining in Tulum Tours

Selva Maya Eco Adventure Park

Embarking on our adventure, the Selva Maya Eco Adventure Park Tulum stands as an icon of thrill. A haven for adrenaline junkies, it offers a multitude of activities guaranteed to get your heart racing. Picture yourself soaring through the vibrant jungle on a series of nine different ziplines, each one promising a unique thrill.

Ziplining in Tulum
Photo via Selva Maya

Navigate five swinging bridges, daring you to cross the rainforest’s verdant expanse. Challenge yourself by climbing a pyramid, then rewarding your bravery by rappelling down its other side straight into a cenote’s inviting waters. And once there, explore this sacred natural pool by snorkeling, swimming, or daring to leap off a cliff.

Riviera Maya Jungle Half-Day

For those who enjoy their thrills with a side of culture, the Riviera Maya Jungle Half-Day Tour is a match made in adventure heaven. In addition to ziplining through the jungle, this tour includes an exhilarating ATV ride along off-road paths.

Photo via Viator

You’ll feel the earth beneath your wheels and the wind against your face as you traverse these rugged trails. But the adventure doesn’t end there – you’ll also explore the underwater mysteries of a cenote. As a grand finale, you’ll be welcomed into a traditional Temazcal ceremony, immersing you in the spiritual side of Tulum’s rich heritage.

Riviera Maya Adrenaline Park Tour

Prepare for an unforgettable adventure at Tulum’s Mayan Adrenaline Park! Ride powerful ATVs through the untamed jungle, conquer challenging trails, and immerse yourself in nature’s beauty. Descend towering rock faces with thrilling rappelling, enjoying breathtaking views. Soar through the air on 4 exhilarating zip lines, including the region’s longest. Experience a sacred Mayan ceremony, explore the mystical LanbnaHa cenote, and savor a delicious Mexican feast.

Photo via Tulum Mayan Adrenaline Park

Mayan Jungle Adventure Tour

The Mayan Jungle Adventure Tour, a compact 4-hour thrill ride, invites you to fly through the jungle on a fantastic zipline circuit. After touching back down, you’ll descend to an underground pond via a heart-stopping rappel.

Here, you’ll snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of the stunning Sac-Actun cenote system, one of the world’s longest underwater river systems. And as if that wasn’t enough, a trek through the verdant jungle allows you to marvel at its vibrant biodiversity. This tour concludes with a meaningful Mayan purification ceremony, connecting you deeper to Tulum’s rich culture.

Xplor Adventure Park

Not to be overlooked is Xplor Adventure Park, one of Riviera Maya’s most popular parks. Xplor offers an array of adrenaline-pumping ziplining experiences, including one that descends into a subterranean cave, whisking you past striking grottoes. You’ll also traverse the jungle’s off-road trails in an amphibious vehicle, swim among stalactite-filled caves, and kayak on subterranean rivers. To recharge your energy, the park serves an all-you-can-eat buffet, the perfect break between adventures.

Photo via Xplor

If you’re more of a night owl, consider opting for the Nighttime Xplor Fuego pass. This pass unlocks a whole new level of thrill as the park transforms under the cover of darkness. The nocturnal ambiance elevates the adventure of ziplining, ATV riding, and kayaking through stalactite-filled caves, instilling an unforgettable sense of awe. Round off your nighttime escapade with a hearty buffet, providing a satisfying end to an evening filled with adventure.

Selvatica Adventure Park

Adding a distinctive flavor to the ziplining scene in Tulum, Selvatica Adventure Park offers a fascinating collection of ziplines, including the Aquazip, Tarzania, and the Superman zipline. The Selvatica Jungle Zipline Tulum Tour is a golden opportunity to sample all of these exhilarating experiences, topped off with a refreshing splash in a private cenote and a safari truck ride through the verdant jungle.


For an experience that caters to adventurers of all ages, look no further than Xel-Ha, an aquatic park that fuses the thrill of adventure with the joy of water activities. The Xel-Ha All-Inclusive Tour lets you spend a whole day at the park, offering ziplining experiences, exploration of underground rivers, immersion in dense vegetation, and traversing a mangrove forest. After each adventure, you can unwind on Hammock Island, the perfect spot to relax and recharge between activities.

One can’t talk about Tulum without mentioning its rich archaeological heritage, and the Mayan Inland Expedition beautifully blends history with adventure. This full-day tour includes a visit to the captivating Coba ruins, a significant archaeological site nestled in lush vegetation. You’ll explore the site by bicycle, immersing yourself in the mysteries of the past. The tour also includes a trip to Punta Laguna Nature Reserve, where ziplining, jungle hiking, and canoeing on a lagoon offer fun-filled activities under the watchful eyes of the resident monkeys.

Half-day Cenote Adventure

For those short on time but big on adventure, the Half-day Cenote Adventure is a perfect fit. Over a single morning or afternoon, you’ll take to the skies on four ziplines, one of which spans an astonishing kilometer in length. After a brief Mayan ceremony for safety, you’ll navigate the jungle via an ATV and cool off in a rejuvenating cenote.

Photo via Half-day cenote adventure

If galloping through the verdant rainforest on horseback gets your adrenaline pumping, then the ATV Combo Tour is the perfect choice. This thrilling package includes a heart-racing ATV ride, a zipline flight above the jungle canopy, and a swim in a freshwater cenote. The highlight of the tour, however, is the chance to experience the jungle on horseback, giving you a unique perspective on the natural beauty of Tulum.

In Tulum, every adventure leaves a unique imprint on your memory, every zipline ride offers a path to exhilaration, and every cenote invites you to step into the mystical Mayan past. From the rustling treetops to the silent cenotes, the Mayan Jungle is alive with thrilling possibilities. So pack your spirit of adventure and prepare for a wild ride above the treetops of Tulum. Bon voyage, thrill-seekers!

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