Tulum Shopping Guide: Discover the Best Shops

Tulum is not all beaches, yoga retreats, and parties – there is also an abundance of great shops selling unique artisan goods, souvenirs, hand-made Mayan crafts, and of course the latest fashion so you can look like a Tuluminati when you arrive.

If you’re looking for the perfect gifts, clothes, or souvenirs to bring back home then our Tulum shopping guide is a great place to start. It may seem hard to get the best deals for your budget and sometimes you may feel like you’re getting ripped off by the locals, but don’t fret, we’re here to help you sort through the best shops in Tulum.

You’ll quickly find that Tulum has its own unique style, unique fashion, nature-inspired eco-friendly resorts in the jungle canopy overlooking the turquoise blue water below, Mayan-inspired jewellery and tattoos, and boho-style art.

The Best Tulum Shopping Spots

Mercado Tulum

One of the most popular markets in Tulum and one of the best spots to go shopping, here you’ll find everything from a food court, butcher, souvenir shops, and affordable clothing stores. It’s more of a “local” spot and one of the cheapest spots to eat and shop in Tulum.

Tulum shopping

Wóolis Foodie Market

Woolis Foodie Market is a fantastic little market full of local products focused on environmentalism with sustainable recycling and composting.

They have a diverse range of products from kombuchas, salsas, dips, and of course vegan options, all made in-house. They also have home goods, soaps, and even Mezcal. This place is a must to check out for organic food and goods in Tulum.


Mixik is a beautiful artisanal store selling affordable handmade goods such as clothing, housewares, and fold art from all over Mexico. It’s located in Tulum Centro on the main highway just off of Calle Jupiter Norte.

Photo courtesy of Mixik’s Instagram

Mr. Blackbird

Mr. Blackbird is a jewellery, craft, and clothing boutique shop located in the southern beach zone. Because of its proximity to the beach, they specialize in custom bikinis and swimwear as well.

They sell stunning rings, made by local jewellers with high-quality metals, gems, and precious stones. The price is also more affordable than one would expect.

Pura Vida Tulum

Pura Vida is another boutique clothing store located right in the Tulum town center selling the cutest and most stylish organic clothing. Of course, they sell all kinds of other hand-made goods as well such as sandals, jewellery, shoes, ceramics, and souvenirs.


MexicArte sells amazing handcrafted arts and crafts that are popular with visitors and locals alike. They have a location further south on the beach as well as in the Tulum town center itself, and also a location in Akumal.

Courtesy of Mexicarte’s Facebook page

Here you’ll find clothing, clay art and pottery, sculptures, home goods, and lots of handmade artsy souvenirs to take home with you such as handbags, skulls Huichol art.

In The Middle

In The Middle is a men’s fashion store selling the latest find exclusive and beautiful garments with designs that “blend classic tailoring with an edgy aesthetic; focusing on clean, minimal silhouettes in natural and sustainable materials, mainly linen.” They are the perfect example of the classic ‘Tulum vibes’ style and you can’t leave Tulum without getting some!

Photo courtesy of In the Middle

La Troupe

La Troupe is probably one of the best places to find boho-style clothing for women that is also locally owned, sourced locally, and responsibly made by artisanal craft people, and sell for surprisingly reasonable prices.

An example of La Troupe style clothing, via Facebook page

Here you’ll find stylish jackets, tote bags, skirts, hats, kimonos, jumpsuits, ponchos, and jewellery so you’ll fit right in when staying in Tulum. It also has a fantastic location right near the beach in the south beach zone as well as an extensive online shop with delivery.


Caravana is a tent-style store sometimes referred to as a “temple” selling all kinds of Tuluminati-style clothing including leather products such as bags, hats, belts, and headpieces.

They’re exclusive designs can be found on ponchos, dresses, vests, capes, pants, skirts, and much more. They have many locations around Mexico and the world including Merida, Valladolid, Miami, and even Mykonos.

Gypsea Market

While this place is mostly focused on delicious organic vegan, gluten-free food and grocery, they also offer kombucha, soaps, home goods, and fluoride-free toothpaste. While it is a little pricier than other spots, they have many exotic and hard-to-obtain items not found elsewhere in Tulum.

Fresh Market

There are two of these Fresh Markets located in Aldea Zama for all your fresh fruits, vegetables and produce needs. They have many other essential items other than produce such as sunscreen, toiletries, beer, wine and more!

Photo via Fresh Market Tulum

Be advised – the place is a lot more expensive than more traditional local markets you could also find in Tulum.


Auras is a unique fashion brand that is locally produced and one of the nicest spots to go shopping in Tulum. Not only selling the latest fashion, but they also specialize in home goods such as decor, apothecary, soap, and perfume.

Are there any Shopping Malls in Tulum?

As of 2024, there are no Tulum shopping malls currently open or under construction that we know of. The closest large shopping malls would be located in Playa Del Carmen – Paseo del Carmen and the Quinta Alegría Shopping Mall, both located on Quinta Avenida.

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    Just want to add to this list. I visited Nakawe and they feature a handful of Mexican textiles, homewares, and sustainable dresses. They’re located in La Xel-Va.

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