Casa Cenote: The Ultimate Guide to Tulum’s Hidden Gem

Tulum and the entire Yucatan Peninsula are covered in thousands of cenotes, sinkholes that formed when limestone bedrock collapses, revealing a water reservoir below. Some are quite popular and crowded, and others such as Casa Cenote, are still lesser-known and underrated.

There are many different types of cenotes dotting the peninsula. Open cenotes are the most common, as they are easily accessible and exposed to the open air. These allow you to bask in the sunlight and enjoy a refreshing swim.

Semi-open cenotes, on the other hand, offer a unique blend of open and underground environments, with small cracks and openings in the ceiling that allow beams of sunlight to illuminate the water.

Finally, underground cenotes require you to venture through a cave system to access these stunning hidden pools.

Casa Cenote is an open-air cenote, popular with beginner divers and also a great spot to snorkel. It’s also unique in that it’s located right next to the beach, so after you’re done exploring this natural beauty, you can relax on the beach to catch some rays.

Guide to Casa Cenote
Casa Cenote from above, next to the beach

Quick Tips & Advice for Casa Cenote

Entrance Fee: 150 pesos ($7 USD). An additional 100 pesos if you have a GoPro or camera.

Opening Hours: 9 am to 5 pm every day

Make sure to bring mosquito spray, towels, and snorkeling gear. Snorkel gear costs around 350 pesos so make sure to bring your own! DO NOT use mosquito spray or sunscreen before entering the cenote, shower first if you do.

Although Casa Cenote is typically not too busy, to avoid any possible crowds, arrive around 9 am and preferably not on the weekends.

There is a crocodile that lives in the cenote, hence the name “home” in Spanish. His name is Panchito and he is friendly and won’t approach you or bother you. We recommend not trying to pet him.

All About Casa Cenote

Where is Casa Cenote?

Casa cenote is located just 10 km from Tulum and 56 km south of Playa del Carmen. It’s also conveniently situated near other popular cenotes such as Cenote Dos Ojos and Cenote Caracol, which are definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.

If you’re staying in Tulum, you can easily reach Casa Cenote with just a 20-minute drive north from the Tulum beach road in the town. Once you arrive, you’ll find the cenote situated right by the beach, just across the road, and it’s easily visible.

Swimming and Snorkeling

Snorkeling is one of the most popular activitieses at Casa Cenote, we highly recommend bringing your own snorkel equipment, as it will cost you around 350 MXN pesos ($19 USD) to rent.

You can also rent a paddleboard for around 500 MXN pesos, which is one of our favcourite activities as it allows you to paddle along the long stretch of the cenote and explore areas you may not have been aware of just by swimming or snorkeling.

Of course, if you’re not interested in snorkeling or paddleboarding, you can just simply swim around at your own pace, search for the resident crocodile and explore some of the beautiful mangrove forests and abundance of marine life.

Diving at Casa Cenote

Diving in Casa Cenote

Casa Cenote is an open-air cenote that’s perfect for snorkeling and even diving. What’s really unique about this cenote is that it’s connected underground to the ocean.

This allows divers to seamlessly explore both the cenote and the ocean without having to walk the 500 meters that separate them. The marine life in Casa Cenote is simply incredible, and the water is not as chilly as some of the other cenotes in the area.

Although the cenote is no more than 6 meters deep, divers can start at the cenote and dive all the way to the beach on the other side of the road. For divers, there is a small diving shop located nearby called Manati Divers that provides equipment.

One of the great things about Casa Cenote is that you won’t need any artificial light while diving since it’s open and allows you to see the bottom.

Casa Cenote Summary

In conclusion, Casa Cenote is an absolute must-see for anyone visiting the Riviera Maya or Tulum. This beautifully underrated and often overlooked cenote offers visitors a unique experience to snorkel, dive, paddleboard and swim in a spectacular setting surrounded by mangroves.

With its clear and warm waters, Casa Cenote is the perfect place to explore marine life and enjoy a refreshing swim with the only cenote featuring its own crocodile!

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