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The Ultimate Tulum Yoga Guide: The Best Yoga Retreats

People come to Tulum for many different reasons: partying, beach vacation, getting off the grid, and of course: wellness, spirituality, and self-improvement. Doing yoga in Tulum is one of the most popular activities.

With so many new retreats and yoga classes popping up all over Tulum, the beautiful beach town has become a renowned health-conscious destination over the past few years.

You’ll find everything from exotic yoga studios & resorts, meditation retreats, and much more to get back in balance with nature and in touch with your spiritual side. Because there are so many to choose from we’ve come up with a simple guide to the best yoga retreats, studios, and classes in Tulum.

Best Tulum Yoga Retreats


Tulum yoga
Image courtesy of Amansala

Amansala is an eco-friendly resort and yoga retreat hotspot right on the beach featuring natural “Tulum vibes” decor and outdoor panoramic views. The name Amansala translates to “peaceful waters” in the Sanskrit language.

They offer a 6-day “Refresh and Renew” retreat with guided yoga lessons and classes. They also have daily morning meditation sessions at 7:30, to help you clear your mind and relax so you can start your day off the right way.

Sanará Tulum

Image courtesy of Sanara Tulum

Sanara Tulum is a hotel on the beach that offers private yoga sessions & classes, as well as group sessions in an amazing outdoor, peaceful environment

From the founders Daniella and Charlie, “We wanted to give the practitioners the very best shala experience to teach in. When we were designing the hotel space layout we had the opportunity to host a gathering, amongst our beach coconut palms, of indigenous leaders from both Central and North America. This session confirmed our building intuition and so the shala became the first structure.”

Yaan Wellness Energy Healing Spa

Image courtesy of Yaan

The Yaan Healing Sanctuary is located within the BeTulum hotel, a carbon-neutral eco-friendly resort that is focused on sustainability with its guests.

Yaan is both a yoga & meditation studio with daily classes in a tree-top yoga shala overlooking the jungle below. They also have temazcal ceremonies, a pre-hispanic practice that is effectively a sweat lodge, cleansing your skin and flushing out toxins.

Ahau Tulum

Image courtesy of Ahau Tulum resort

Ahau Tulum may be famous for its statue, but it’s also a popular spot for yoga enthusiasts and one of the best spots to do yoga in Tulum.

Ahau is an eco-friendly resort that houses a beautiful oceanfront yoga studio, with daily yoga classes and early morning meditations to catch the sunrise and much more.

Zenses Wellness and Yoga Resort

Image courtesy of Zenses

Zenses is a wellness and yoga retreat resort with a restaurant, spa, and of course state-of-the-art yoga facilities to ease your mind and help you relax.

It’s a newer yoga resort that opened in January 2021, all yoga classes are free for guests staying at the resort, but you can also attend classes if you don’t stay there by paying. Their Balance Yoga Studio has daily yoga classes in the morning and afternoon.


Image courtesy of Nomade

Nômade is a “human-centered space, for those ready to learn and share, to awake the soul, and free the mind.” This tree-top, private beachfront resort is a hidden paradise just waiting to awaken your soul with an ultimate yoga-centered community.

They offer an extensive weekly program with classes ranging from Kundalini Yoga to rebirth breathwork, temazcal ceremonies to even “orgasmic hypnosis.” Once here you’re never going to want to leave.

Tribal Tulum 

Image courtesy of Tribal

Tribal Tulum is a dedicated yoga studio and retreat center that offers in-person and even online classes. They have different strategies you can focus on such as dive and yoga, personal yoga, yoga intensive, or themed retreats like gratitude or meditation.

The center has loft apartments, complimentary breakfast, yoga classes right on the beach, and even month-long yoga intensive retreats.


One of the most famous resorts and yoga spaces in all of Tulum, Azulik has a yoga studio that offers daily sessions at 8:00 am every day which take place in their unique, iconic wooden dome structure.

Yoga sessions are of course free for all guests staying at the resort. They also have temazcal ceremonies, energy purification, and sound healing sessions.

Selina Tulum

Selina hostel is a popular spot for backpackers, digital nomads, and health-conscious individuals looking for more of a budget location directly on the beautiful beaches of Tulum.

They offer group yoga classes, private massage therapies, mindful meditation sessions, and essential oils workshops, and they have holistic practitioners.

Holistika Tulum

Image courtesy of Holistika Tulum

Holistika is actually located just on the outskirts of the town of Tulum in La Veleta, surrounded by the lush Mayan jungle. Probably the best yoga and wellness that’s not located on the beach, Holistika offers a weekly schedule of different activities and lessons.

They have sound therapy workshops, temazcal and cacao ceremonies, and much more. There is a delicious vegan restaurant on site called Tierra which is worth checking out along with its amazing pool.

Sup Yoga Tulum

Sup Yoga presents a different take on classic yoga, located directly on a private lagoon within the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. Take your yoga skills out on the water using paddleboards.

They have daily yoga classes and excursions which include a paddleboard lesson, a 1.5-hour ‘BOGA YOGA’ floating yoga class, organic detox juice, raw vegan energy balls, and much more. It includes transportation to and from Tulum.

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