The Best Coworking Spots in Tulum

Tulum is a hotspot for digital nomads and remote workers, so looking for a place to focus and work is very important – because of this, there are a lot of coworking spots in Tulum to choose from. You can of course work from your hotel or Airbnb but sometimes it lacks the proper amenities or facilities – or you just prefer working in a friendly atmosphere with other like-minded people.

The other thing is of course wifi. Fast & reliable wifi is probably the number 1 thing a digital nomad is looking for, which can be hard to find in remote beach towns such as Tulum. Rest assured after spending years working in Tulum, we have put together this helpful guide for the best coworking spots in Tulum.

Tulum Coworking Tips

Test download speed

While this is an obvious first thing to do while checking out a new coworking space you may call your home for the next little while – a lot of people don’t do this. Before paying for a full month up front at a place, try a test ride at the place for one day or a few hours. Some places will even give you a free trial.

We recommend testing the speed on your phone or laptop with Make sure the download speed is at least over 30mbps and the upload speed should be at least 10mbps, this is important if you’re doing video conferencing or zoom calls.

An example of upload and download speed on

For example, the internet may seem fast and reliable at first glance, but that may be because there’s no one there, so the router can handle the bandwidth. Stick around to see how it performs when the place is at full capacity. There may also be random outages throughout the day that you may not notice when just checking out the place for a couple of hours.

Best Coworking Spots in Tulum

Los Amigos – Cowork

Best coworking spots in Tulum
Coworking space name:Los Amigos – Cowork
Venue type:Coworking space only
Price:$10USD per day / $150 per month
Amenities/Facilities:Printer, free coffee & Water
Operating hours:24/7 for members, 9am-6pm for day pass

Los amigos Cowork is a stylish place just for coworking and costs around $10 USD per day or $150 per month. The place features lots of plants and open spaces with large desks to work from, and private rooms if you prefer. Free coffee and water are provided, as well as unlimited printer use.


Coworking space name:WeNomads
Venue type:Coworking space & separate beach hub venue
Price:$35 USD weekly / $99 monthly. 420MXN for a day pass
Amenities/Facilities:Free coffee pods, bottled water, fruit, printing.
Operating hours:8am – 7pm

WeNomads is a dedicated coworking spot in Tulum with up to 500mbps download speed located in Aldea Zama. They also have an impressive location on the beach at Distrito Panamera. The membership starting at $35 USD weekly includes both locations as well as free coffee or tea, fruit, water, and printing access. There are also higher-level memberships which include Yoga classes and workshops.

Babel Cafe

Coworking space name:Babel Cafe
Venue type:Cafe & Garden
Price:Free with purchase of coffee or food
Amenities/Facilities:Garden, tables, outlets.
Operating hours:8am – 10pm

Babel Cafe is located in the downtown area of Tulum or the ‘Puebla’, while it’s not a dedicated coworking spot, it is a cozy cafe that is nice to work from and they have great coffee. With wifi is reliable enough to get some light work done.

Selina Tulum

Coworking space name:Selina Tulum
Venue type:Hostel & Coworking Spot
Price:$16USD day pass, $75 weekly, $225 monthly
Amenities/Facilities:Free coffee, water, printer, and pool access
Operating hours:8:30am to 11:00pm

You may know by now that every Selina around the world is digital nomad friendly, and the Selina in Tulum is no exception, being one of the best hostels in Tulum. Located right in the hotel zone this Selina is both a vibrant hostel and coworking spot. So if you want to work during the day and then hit the beach (or pool) later on, then this is one of the best coworking spots in Tulum for you. Because of its fiber optic connection, the wifi here is faster and not spotty like other places in the hotel zone of Tulum.

Digital Jungle

Coworking space name:Digital Jungle
Venue type:Coworking spot
Price:$17 USD day pass, $75 for 5 days or $300 per month
Amenities/Facilities:Free coffee, fruit
Operating hours:8am – 6pm – closed Saturday Sunday

Digital Jungle is more of a bohemian-style coworking spot in La Veleta and a great spot to meet like-minded digital nomads like yourself. Unfortunately, it does close on Saturday & Sunday now, but with daily and weekly passes, it is flexible. It’s a great space with excellent food and lots of large tables to work from and of course excellent wifi.

Ki’bok Coffee

Coworking space name:Ki’bok Coffee
Venue type:Cafe & Coworking spot
Price:$12USD day pass, $75 weekly, $200 monthly
Amenities/Facilities:Open air terrace, good coffee and breakfast
Operating hours:7am – 11pm

Ki’bok Coffee is both a gourmet cafe and coworking space, which is located on the upstairs terrace. The wifi is speedy and reliable at around 150mpbs and it’s located right in the center of town, so it’s easy to walk to if you’re staying in the Tulum center. In our opinion, it’s one of the best coworking spots in Tulum for the price.

Mayan Monkey

Coworking space name:Mayan Monkey
Venue type:Hostel & Coworking spot
Price:Free for hostel guests
Amenities/Facilities:Pool, coffee, water
Operating hours:24/7 for hostel guests

While this coworking spot in Tulum is only accessible to guests staying at the hostel, it is a great hostel in a good location (halfway to the beach) for the price, and also an excellent spot to meet other digital nomads or remote workers.

Ánimo Cowork

Coworking space name:Ánimo Cowork
Venue type:Coworking spot
Price:$1,000 per week or $3,000 per month
Amenities/Facilities:Aircon, unlimited water, tea, coffee. Beer and sodas for a price.
Operating hours:24/7

Animo specializes in creating versatile workspaces designed to foster productivity and inspiration. These comfortable, well-equipped spaces are designed to meet the needs of professionals and provide all the necessary amenities for a productive work experience.

Situated in the bustling downtown area of Tulum, Animo Cowork is conveniently located near popular eateries, boutique accommodations, and lively nightlife. Catering to individuals and organizations of various sizes and backgrounds, Animo offers a range of workspace options from individual desks to private offices.

All workspaces come with the following features: air conditioning and natural lighting, 24/7 access, unlimited water, tea, and coffee from a top-notch bean-to-cup coffee machine, ultra-fast and dependable internet, engaging social events, and access to Animo’s thriving community both in-person and via their online portal.

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