The 13 Best Beach Clubs in Tulum

If you’re planning to visit this beautiful coastal town you probably want to know what the best beach clubs in Tulum are, how much they cost, and what to expect. Famous for its parties and white sand beaches, it’s no wonder its beach clubs are also wildly popular.

There are tons of clubs on the beach to choose from in Tulum, ranging from outrageously expensive and extravagant to much more affordable. We’ll separate this list based on cost so you can easily determine what will fit your budget. Read on to discover the best beach clubs in Tulum.

Tips & Advice For Beach Clubs in Tulum

Be warned that you have to pay to enter most beach clubs in Tulum, unless you are staying on the resort or hotel. Costs vary greatly from $10 USD over $250 minimum consumption depending on which beach club and also depending on which season. High season will be more, obviously.

Most beach clubs in Tulum fill up quickly on the weekends, so if you do plan to go then be sure to have a reservation, or show up early (like 12 pm).

Most beach clubs include towels and day beds or chairs, so no need to bring your own. Obviously you cannot bring your own drinks or snacks, but make sure to bring sunscreen.

Our List of the Best Beach Clubs in Tulum

Papaya Playa Project – $$$

Further down on the southern area of the beach you’ll find Papaya Playa Project, one of the most popular beach clubs in Tulum, it’s also a beautiful resort. It’s a popular spot among eco-tourists with sustainability being their main objective.

Situated within the jungle and steps away from the stunning white sand beach and clear blue water, this is one of the nicest and best beach clubs in Tulum. Every weekend they host some of the best parties with world-class DJs, including the likes of Rufus du Sol and much more.

The entrance fee to Papaya Playa project is 600 pesos ($30 USD), this doesn’t include drinks or food which are separate. Be sure to come here on the full moon every month when they host an amazing party under the moonlit sky.

CoCo Tulum Beach Club – $$$

Another club situated right on beautiful white sandy beaches and blue water, CoCo Tulum features an impressive picturesque setup with white beanbags, beds, and beach chairs to blend in with the white sand.

Enjoying the sun and rolling waves on a beanbag or beach towel during the day turns into a fun club at sundown where you can continue drinking and partying. Like most other beach clubs, CoCo is also a wonderful resort right on the beach featuring eco-friendly cabañas and services.

It’s an expensive beach club with minimum consumo being around 1000 pesos depending on the season, and beer being over 100 pesos a bottle.

Nômade Tulum – $$$

Best beach clubs in Tulum

Nômade Tulum is a hotel and beach club focused on relaxation of the mind, body & soul. With a private beach not accessible to the public, it’s definitely an upscale area with Tuluminati vibes, a great atmosphere with excellent music, and amazing cocktails.

The restaurant right on the beach known as La Popular features an array of amazing seafood, caught by the locals right off the coast on the same day.

The main club and bar are right in a jungle paradise with cabins and tents dotting the landscape and the crystal clear water peeking out through the page. With the deep electronic music, it definitely takes you away to another place.

Ziggy’s Beach Club – $$

If you’re a morning person and enjoy being up early before the crowds, then Ziggy’s may be one of the best beach clubs in Tulum for you. With comfortable beach beds, thatched roofs, and palm trees dotting the area, it’s a perfect area to enjoy your morning on the beach.

While there is no entrance fee, that doesn’t mean much as you’ll have to pay 1000 pesos if you want to use any of the amenities of the beach club. This includes the bathrooms, showers, pool tables, beach beds, and more.

They have different events every day of the week such as wine tasting on Thursday or Mezcal tasting on Sundays.

Taboo Tulum – $$$

One of the more famous beach clubs in Tulum, Taboo Tulum is a stunning work of art right on the beach with idyllic wooden architecture accentuated with boho-style fabrics and stately palm trees swaying in the wind.

Amazing beach sofas and refreshing pools make this the perfect spot to enjoy the day sipping on classy cocktails and unreal cuisines, the cover ranges from $150-200 USD per person depending on the season, half of which goes towards meals and drinks.

The music is typically Top 40 pop music with a mix of EDM and Hip Hop. Get ready to have a relaxing day that turns into an all-night party!

Playa Paraiso Beach Club – $

Situated on the popular beach with the same name, Playa Paraiso Beach Club is a hotel and beach club on the beach that is considered “the best in Mexico”, but you be the judge. Very close to the Tulum Archeological site, it’s easily accessible from the main town of Tulum.

With only 250 pesos for ($15 USD) minimum consumption, you’ll get a beach bed, chairs, and table as well as a very attentive waiter. Beers, drinks, and food are reasonably priced so you won’t break the bank while enjoying a beach club with a beautiful view and relaxed vibe.

Mia Beach Club – $$

Mia Beach Club is 1000 pesos minimum spend for a day bed right on the beach. They host tons of great parties with world-renowned DJs and offer 300 different labels of wine and a large selection of craft beer. The restaurant is fantastic with tons of great seafood dishes, Mexican cuisine, and American food as well.

It’s a refreshing open-air bar and restaurant, a good place for working from your laptop (with indoor seating) or just to chill out on one of the nicest beaches in Tulum.

Selina Beach Club – $$

A popular hostel chain located all around the world, Selina Tulum is also a fantastic beach club located right beside the previously mentioned Mia Beach Club and Restaurant. They have actually partnered up with Mia with a 2-for-1 deal with one pass.

Popular with digital nomads and backpackers, Selina is also popular amongst the health-conscious crow, offering yoga classes during the day and comes alive at night with parties and events happening almost every night. If you’re not looking to party, then we don’t recommend staying here as you may not get any sleep.

Casa Malca – $$$

Casa Malca is one of the fanciest beach clubs in Tulum, but also quite pricey with minimum consumption of $150 USD. Located in a dense jungle and on the edge of a beautiful beach, and what once used to be Pablo Escobar’s mansion, Casa Malca seems like a piece of art.

With antique-style teepees, Mayan-style hammocks, 3 pools, and a rooftop bar this beach club is most famous for previously being owned by Pablo Escobar. They also have 3 restaurants: Head of a Mad Man, Philosophy, and Ambrosia.

Habitas Beach Club – $$$

Habitas Tulum is part of a global community focused on building amazing locations around the world that are “connected to the elements, with uncompromising comfort and safety.”

The location is amazing, with beautifully constructed cabins in the jungle opening up to amazing white sand beaches and crystal blue water, making this one of the best beach clubs in Tulum.

With stunning infinity pools, a world-class open-air restaurant, perfect cocktails, and great music if that’s not enough to make you want to stay, the rustic, nature-inspired architecture and interior design will have you staying for several more cocktails.

La Zebra – $$

With large, comfy beach beds, hammocks, swings, and wood palapas, La Zebra has the ultimate beach club vibe with a 900 pesos consumption fee (constantly changes), it’s definitely worth it in our experience.

From steak nachos to shrimp salad with amazing airy views of the ocean all situated in a jungle-chic atmosphere, you’ll want to spend all day here lazily lounging on the beach beds.

RosaNegra Beach Club – $$$

If you’re looking for a place with fantastic music and amazing weekly events with famous DJs, then RosaNegra Beach Club is your place. A classic high-end beach club with a large pool, 2000 pesos is the cover here, with 1000 going to towards amazing cuisine and fancy cocktails.

This is considered one of the best beach clubs in Tulum, get a table and open up a bottle of champagne with your friends because you’re not going to want to leave.

Ahau Tulum Beach Club – $$$

Photo courtesy of Ahau Tulum

Ahau is one of the best resorts in Tulum, and their beach club certainly doesn’t disappoint. This sophisticated beach club is a great choice for the eco-minded traveler. The beach huts and cabanas are all crafted with sustainable materials, giving guests the perfect combination of luxury and environmental friendliness right on the seaside.

It’s the ideal spot for a peaceful, pampered getaway.If you’re feeling peckish, Ahau’s restaurant and grill has a wide array of delicious food and beverages to choose from.

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