Hotel Bardo Tulum Review

Location:77760 Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Price:$300+ per night
Pros:Peaceful, beautiful design, private plunge pool, great location in the town of Tulum
Cons:Expensive for the area, AC is not the strongest, lighting is quite dark.

Tulum boasts a plethora of remarkable hotels and resorts, each offering a distinct blend of facilities, amenities, and breathtaking design and architecture. Among these, the adults-only haven known asHotel Bardo Tulum stands out as a true gem.

Setting itself apart from typical beach towns like Cancun or Cabo San Lucas, Tulum takes pride in its distinctive blend of Mayan-inspired, Bali-esque, and nature-inspired architectural elements. In this captivating coastal paradise, Hotel Bardo Tulum emerges as an oasis that perfectly embodies the town’s unique charm and allure.

Hotel Bardo Tulum is one of these unique hotels, with nature-focused design elements and jungle themes located in the western part of Tulum town, partly surrounded by the Mayan jungle.

Hotel Bardo describes its villas as “balancing distinctive design and contemporary lifestyle luxury -Secluded within the Mayan jungle- guests can experience that which is pure and unphased, far and beyond from the ordinary.”

While some people prefer staying in the town of Tulum as opposed to the beach, mostly because of the price and more access to restaurants, bars, and shops – it is quite far from the beach which is a negative. Hotel Bardo Tulum does offer bike rentals, which in our opinion is the best way to get around Tulum. Biking to the beach from here will be about 30 minutes.

With free onsite parking at Hotel Bardo, we would definitely recommend renting a car, not just for driving around Tulum and to the beach but also to experience some of the amazing day trips in the area.

About Hotel Bardo Tulum

The first thing you’ll notice when entering Hotel Bardo Tulum is the amazing ambiance and jungle vibe the setting exudes. Even though it’s pretty much in the town, it feels like you’re miles out in the middle of the jungle staying at an amazing exclusive retreat center.

Mayan and jungle-inspired architectural design elements permeate the whole environment and the large pool (one of the biggest in the town) in the center really brings it all together.

During your downtime, you can chill in the lounge area on a hammock, relax by the fire, play pool, eat a delicious meal at the Milum restaurant, and of course, grab a drink at the classy Kinky Room Bar.

The Villas

The main attraction of Hotel Bardo Tulum is the exquisite villas, each with its own private entrance and of course, a private plunge pool. Each 645 square foot villa has its own garden, hammock, living room, closet, bathroom, bedroom, and open-air rain shower.

Private plunge pool opens right up into the bedroom

Yes, there is wifi though most people staying here prefer to disconnect from social media for a while and have a detox, although you can still get work done if you work remotely.

General Tips & Advice

As stated before, getting around the town and to the beach is best with either a car rental or by bike, though we prefer biking as you can go at a calmer pace and see more on the way. Bike rentals are available at Hotel Bardo.

You can eat at Milum restaurant on-site which specializes in amazing gastronomy dishes, open from 7:30 am to 11 pm. If you walk around 10-20 minutes east into the town of Tulum you’ll find many amazing restaurants to check out.

Milum restaurant

Some excellent things to do in the area are taking yoga classes which Hotel Bardo offers every day from 9 am. They also have temazcal sessions, sound healing and they have an amazing spa where you can unwind.

In summary, if you’re looking for the ultimate Tulum jungle-vibe getaway in the town of Tulum and you don’t mind spending a bit on accommodation then Hotel Bardo Tulum is perfect for anyone that wants to disconnect but at the same time have many amenities and modern comforts nearby at your fingertips.

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